About Us

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FitKits are healthyflavorful, and balanced meals freshly prepared for you. Most people do not have time to shop, prep, and cook meals due to their busy schedules. All of the planning, prepping, and portion control as well as the cooking have been done for you. The Fitkits programs are also Affordable. Eating properly is fuel for your body and is one of the keys to staying fit and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Allow our FitKits to give you another edge in reaching your fitness goals and developing better eating habits to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Meal plans are communicated in advance so that you can choose your menu. Once they have been prepared, they are delivered directly to your work or home including a delivery fee or Pick-Up for free. FitKits menus will be emailed or texted to you based on your preference every Friday. Your menu selections and payments must be submitted by midnight of the upcoming Sunday.

Meals are prepared with 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch and 1/2 vegetables designed to:

  • *Enhance energy levels

  • *Decrease metabolic syndrome

  • *Help control appetite

  • *Support lean muscle growth

  • *Reduce inflammation and pain